Our Best in Class Fotona Laser!

Long Pulse Nd:YAG

The Most Advanced Laser In Sarasota . . . And Why You Are Going To Love It.

Here at Aesthetic and Family Podiatry of Sarasota you can enjoy the finest results in a range of laser treatments, taking advantage of the safest, most effective, FDA-approved laser on the market.

Because of its advanced European laser physics (backed by over 50 years in development, with numerous patents in place, making it unique in the way it delivers its beam), our Fotona Laser is safe on all skin types and calibrates each pulse it delivers five times before it can ever leave the laser. This means that every pulse is spot on and safe. The clarity and precision of the beam is also unmatched, which is why we are able to achieve results no others can.

But perhaps most important, our laser is a true long-pulse Nd:YAG laser, and it is the how long the pulses are delivered that allows it to generate the full-volume heating required to achieve the most exceptional results in destroying toenail fungus, eliminating warts, knocking out spider veins.

Just as all cars are not created equal (compare a Kia with a Ferrari), all lasers are not created equal. Because of the care we wish to give our patients, and the amazing results we want to achieve for you, we went all out and made sure to get the best laser available.


What Are We Trying To Accomplish With the Laser?

Under 2 minutes …

1st Advantage: The Perfect Wavelength

Only 1 minute 38 seconds …

2nd Advantage: The Cleanest Beam Profile

Only 2 minutes 17 seconds …

3rd Advantage: The Most Effective Pulse Width

Only 3 minutes 17 seconds …